MCSD employee arrested
Murray Parents Rights Council

Murray Parents Rights Council

While honoring the ideals of “innocent until proven guilty,” and due process, we feel the public needs to be aware of this information. We and UtahEd look forward to the complete facts being publicly shared soon.

Check out the employee Murray School District UT has managing the mental health of your kids. Why no post on this, Murray District?

Keondra Rees was arrested this week for suspicion of object rape, aggravated assault, and domestic violence in the presence of a child.

This is the same Keondra Rees employed by Murray City School District as the Prevention Specialist for At-Risk Youth. Why no word from MCSD on this? Shouldn’t parents be informed immediately about a possible sex offender having access to our kids?

Keondra Rees and Peter Ingle presented to the USBE Mental Health and Education Coordinating Council in May of this year, with both of them explaining why children are struggling and why Murray School District needs more mental health counselors and programs. They offered up Murray District to be a pilot program for a new mental health program.

After watching this presentation an email was sent to Murray’s superintendent, Jennifer Covington, for more information on these employees and their responsibilities. See the photos for details.

Now Keondra Rees has been arrested for suspicion of object rape, aggravated assault, and domestic violence in the presence of a child.

In response to this information being shared, Murray City School District released an announcement on Parent Square regarding the arrest of Rees. However, this announcement appeared to be more concerned with MCSD’s public image than with the actual issue of one of their District Office employees being arrested for sexual and violent offenses.

We believe Murray City School District administrators should be held accountable for their negligence in failing to report to parents about the arrest of a District Office employee, especially in relation to sexual and violent offenses. The following employees are administrators of Murray City School District:

MCSD Superintendent: Jennifer Covington (
MCSD HR Director: Darren Dean (
MCSD Secondary Director: Robin Williams (
MCSD Elementary Director: Melissa Hamilton (
MCSD Special Education/At-Risk Director: Kelli Kercher (
MCSD Behavior Specialist: Peter Ingle (

To file a complaint, follow this link:


Link to article:…/slcpd-arrests-2…/amp/


Here is the response from the Murray City School District:

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