Write the Utah State Board of Education, TODAY!

Tomorrow, the Utah State Board of Education will meet to determine whether they choose a policy that will placate the public as a moot placebo (see mash-up draft below) or a policy that will actionably work to remove the depiction of sex, sex acts, or humans in the state of sexual arousal from our schools (whether it be aural, visual or written).  

Member Cline has put forth the well-written Model Policy that complies with Utah Law, specifically the bright-line codified language of HB 374 and the subsequent letter from the Utah Attorney General.  It is presented below. 

This draft needs public support, NOW!  Unless email inboxes “blow up,” board members will claim, “the public doesn’t care.”  If you don’t want porn to remain in schools, use the email form to email your board members and encourage them to take FIRM action to protect kids from porn in schools and support member Cline’s Model Sensitive Materials Policy. 

:Please see the two policies in PDF below the form to email your board member.  

Email the elected members of the Board

Member Cline's Draft

Master Merger Mash-up Draft

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