Not the Governor’s job to define the role of parents: Vote NO on HB337

Our State Constitution gives the Governor NO authority or control over public education in the state of Utah. 

This is extremely concerning considering our Governor is in lockstep with the Biden administration’s education agenda which includes pushing the very policies, programs, and practices that are destroying public ed throughout the country and causing parents to sound the alarm!

The bill sponsor does parents no favor by putting the Parental Ombudsman office under the Governor’s office. Not only is this unconstitutional, but it will increase his ability to silence and dismiss parental concerns giving parents just one more layer of non-responsive administration from which to experience the now all too familiar parent-run-around they get at the local level–all while the level of indoctrination continues to increase unabated. Just read the governor’s educational equity plan (see below) and you’ll see for yourself why this is a bad idea.
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