Backroom deals and horse-trading: Vote NO on HB331
Freedom Fighter

Freedom Fighter

First, we find out that the national supporter of the Hope Scholarship is ExcelInEd.  If that isn’t nefarious enough, HB331’s primary voices issues the following statement today invoking race bating, tenets of CRT and Governor Cox’ One Utah road map.  The former has no place in a policy debate which should take place over bill language and merit of idea and execution.  The latter, as detailed below, is SUPER nefarious.  Cox has no desire for securing parents’ rights.  Look at his track record.  

Why would supposedly pro-parent and pro-freedom groups stoop to using CRT Marxist tactics to sell parents on moving into their “school choice” model when that kind of race-baiting strategy is the very reason most parents want OUT of the system?

Since Education Opportunity for Every Child is engaging the communist pathway of Governor Cox, this is one more reasons to write the Legislature and tell them to VOTE NO on HB331. (scroll down to use the form).

Email the Legislature

Tell your representatives how you feel about HB331. 

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