VOTE NO on SB0251 :: Grow Your Own Teacher and School Counselor Pipeline Program

Senators need to hear from you.
 This bill is in committee TOMORROW, 2/28/2022!

At first glance, this bill seems innocuous — even good, but a deeper look reveals this entire line of code should be struck, not amended. 

Let’s take a look at what is happening through the ammendments to this this line of code:  

  1. It puts people in classrooms without appropriate training or credentials.  (Hmmm… Didn’t Cox recently issue an EO for something like that?)
    •  See line 49, ““Teacher” means an educator who has an assignment to teach in a classroom.”
      • Do not let the bill sponsor confuse you.  This means someone without training and credentials and (see lines 67-69).
  2. Putting unlicensed/untrained individuals in classrooms will not increase student learning.
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