Say NO to SB 244 :: Ethnic Studies Amendments (proCRT)

Members of the House need to hear from you.  

This bill is unconstitutional!

Article X, Section 2 and 3 of the Utah State Constitution vests “general control and supervision” with the Utah State Board of Education.  Passing this bill would usurp the constitutional authority of the USBE and as such should be rejected.  Furthermore:



SB244 CREATES an Ethnic Studies commission that will:

  • Recommend standards to the Board;
  • Define terms (yikes);
  • Advise the governor, state agencies, and the Legislature;
  • Make policy recommendations to the governor;
  • Make legislative recommendations to the Legislature;
  • Review and make recommendations for ethnic studies core standards to the state board.
May we be frank:  this is cultural marxism in disguise. 
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SAY NO to SB 244 :: Ethnic Studies Amendments

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