IN-DOCTRI-NATION: It’s not new
This stuff [education malpractice] [educratic malfeascance] didn’t just happen in the late nineties, nor is it new today.

It started way back over 150 years ago by people who believe they could become powerful by indoctrinating our children. It is like boiling frogs. It was so slow and the presentations would sound so logical. And to some degree, there are gullible people who just fall for anything.

[Indoctrinators] know how to manipulate others in very conniving, manipulative, and cunning ways. 

Unless people become aware and can see the red flags, they are totally unaware of what is happening. In fact, some people will fight the idea that they are being brainwashed and indoctrinated. They refuse to believe that in America anyone would do this to the people.

During George HW Bush’s presidency, he claimed he would be the education president. He was then handed a plan by Bill Clinton, who at the time was governor of Arkansas and was the president of the Governor’s Association. Bill and his ilk, like Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and others, devised this program called America 2000 that was nothing but a way to turn kids away from their parents and indoctrinate them into socialism. They would use words that everyone knew the meaning of such parents would approve. Parents didn’t know that they changed the meaning of the words to totally different from what people knew and understood.

When Bill Clinton became president he changed the name to Goals 2000. It was known as (O)UTCOME (B)ASED (E)DUCATION.

The program was also implemented in businesses known as (T)OTAL (Q)UALITY (M)ANAGEMENT.

[Nefarious national leaders] use the content in both programs as everyone takes ownership and becomes a partner in implementing this. So there were lots of committees. People took part in shaping the ideas and showing they were a good citizens by bringing this about.

Some facilitators would be over every meeting. They would have an extensive writing tablet so everyone could voice their ideas and have their concept written on this tablet that everyone could see. They would feel proud that their idea was there for everyone to see. Every once in a while, the facilitator would interject an idea, and it sounded so good that the participants would agree with it, and it was written on the big tablet. So then, they would go back through the list after everyone had expressed their ideas. They would cross through any idea that just wasn’t plausible, (at the manipulation of the facilitator). Until the end, the only things left on the tablet would be mainly what the facilitator suggested.

In the schools, they would give tests to see which pathway the kids would fit in best, which sounded great. But the kids were not choosing what career they wanted to pursue. There were only six career paths they could be pigeonholed into. Then all their classes were intended to train them for that one career path. They would not receive a well-rounded education to where they could choose a career, or have the education to choose a different career.

No child left behind was a continuation of OBE. And common core was another continuation. It is all intended to dumb down our children to become mind-numb robots to have allegiance only to the government from the cradle to the grave. If you ask kids today what they thought about socialism, they will tell you it is a better way than capitalism. The brainwashing and indoctrination are working.

– Lorleine Browning

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