Part 1:

This video introduces you to what social emotional learning is, its beginnings, who’s behind it, and what their agenda is. It describes how the U.S. education system became federalized to create national standards for academic competencies and how that laid the foundation for the government to also set standards for social and emotional competencies. Training for “global citizenship” is now established as the primary purpose of all education.

Part 2:

You can’t talk about SEL without talking about Common Core, because that was the vehicle that inched social emotional learning into every subject in school curriculum. They are closely and intentionally intertwined. This video will also explain how Common Core was not just a state-led initiative, but another stepping stone toward the U.N.’s goal of globalized citizenship education.

Part 3:

CASEL (Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning) is the organization that sets the 5 core competencies and standards which all SEL programs are measured by. Learn all about the new brand of SEL they are pushing called Transformative Social Emotional Learning that is a Trojan horse for CRT, gender theory and social justice activism.

Part 4

This is a deep dive into the Second Step Social Emotional Learning curriculum and the company that puts it out, Committee for Children. I share about my experience with Second Step in the first 5 minutes, then get into the presentation where I give concrete examples of the concerning aspects of the transformative social emotional learning they are teaching.
Please share far and wide! Educate others whose school districts are still using Second Step.

Part 5:

Reprogramming for Global Citizenship through SEL: How the U.N. is using organizations like the OECD, CASEL and SEL assessments to further their Sustainable Development Goals for education by indoctrinating children with government-favored values, attitudes, and beliefs.

Part 6:

Learn how students’ soft skills through Social Emotional Learning assessments are being defined, scored, and tracked, leading us toward a social credit system and how this relates to Environmental Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) scores.
In a world where ESG scores will force companies to hire based on emotional intelligence (EQ), those whose SEL scores show that they haven’t bought into government-favored values, attitudes and beliefs need not apply.

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