While there are many good and admirable people at the state level working on school choice, most people don’t know that the roots of backpack funding (money follows the child) are with CASEL leader Linda Darling-Hammond and her myriad of non-profit partners. Hammond developed the Obama administration’s blueprint for national standards, assessments, teacher training, school grading and data systems enshrined in the Every Student Succeeds Act. (She is also President of the California School Board). She and the federal-level leaders behind backpack funding (money follows the child) are using it for very different, and very political reasons than your average family. She has written extensively on wealth redistribution and turning the US into a Marxist economy. And, they hold all the cards because they measure education compliance.

State-level funding efforts for backpack funding were actually incentivized through the US Treasury Department by former Secretary of Ed Betsy DeVos. DeVos signed onto the Great Reset’s education reforms at the G20 in 2018. https://noqreport.com/…/g20-betsy-devos-puts-america-last/ She’s also one of the originators of National School Choice Week.

States should not step into this effort until they FIRST get out from under the Every Student Succeeds Act (by getting off federal funding). It does not matter that the money in this legislation is only being spread around at the state level, it still accomplishes a greater political objective. Global and federal-level actors are using backpack funding to “eliminate local school boards” (in their own words). And, we cannot be short sighted. In the end, we need our Constitutional structures and representation to save our families and our country. I hope families wait to support this effort until we can get a movement behind stopping federal funding of education.

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