Controversial books returned to School Library


Pornography and censorship: Controversial books returned to Utah school libraries’ shelves

There was no communication from Canyons School District telling parents these pornographic books were back on the shelves so that the challenge process for them could begin. It’s unbelievable to begin with that there is any question whether or not they should be there since they violate Utah law.

76-10-1206 Dealing in material harmful to a minor — Penalties — Exemptions for Internet service providers and hosting companies.(1) A person is guilty of dealing in material harmful to minors when, knowing or believing that an individual is a minor, or having negligently failed to determine the proper age of a minor, the person intentionally: (a) distributes or offers to distribute, or exhibits or offers to exhibit, to a minor or an individual whom the person believes to be a minor, any material harmful to minors;

This website details some of what was found on the school library shelves, including Gender Queer, that this article mentions, which graphically depicts oral sex. These books clearly violate UT state code, as they are pornographic in nature, no matter what sexuality they are displaying.

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