Say NO to HB0428 :: School Safety Amendments.

This is basically an “install CRT everywhere bill.”  We oppose this bill based upon the following reasons. 

“This is a dangerous bill. School Climate Surveys ask very subjective questions that are often very leading and confusing – questions regarding a student’s perception of how “safe” their school is. It also asks questions about a student’s social, sexual, and racial values, attitudes, and beliefs.

This bill would require schools to gather data from each schools’ last three climate surveys, solicit input from “diverse” (LGBTQ/BIPOC) students, gather race-related data from bullying and hazing incidents and then adopt a formal school plan based on this highly subjective and easily manipulated data in order to justify the implementation of race-based school policies, programs, procedures, and trainings. This is CRT in practice.”
  • Trying to make schools “free-from” is compelled thought and speech.  Ergo… a violation of the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution. 
  • It will force schools to report demographics of bullied students, but demographics shouldn’t matter.  Behaviors matter. 
  • Data will be misused in an attempt to form a narrative of widespread racism.
  • See images below. 
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