The NEA continues to spew forth a narrative that is outside the realm of common sense and sanity
Freedom Fighter

Freedom Fighter

“Some of the quotes from teachers around the country clearly reflect CRT and its tenets are being introduced and presented to students.

Here are some of the egregious quotes:

“”The teacher’s union magazine asserted, “Yet for nearly a year, some parent groups and lawmakers nationwide have been pushing legislation to prevent educators in public schools from teaching about systemic racism and sexism. Instead, these people are advocating for outdated and inaccurate lessons – and lies – to maintain comfort over truth.” These parents are “trying to dictate what teachers say and block kids from learning about our shared history,” according to the NEA.”

“Texas music teacher Franchesca Mejia says she has students listen to music written in the USSR during Communist Dictator Joseph Stalin’s Great Purge to connect students to the “fear” that black children live in.”

The magazine promotes an “anti-racist lesson plan” by the Zinn Education Project. That should put parents minds at ease – not!

An insert claims that CRT provides an “understanding that who we are, the laws we have in place, and the histories that have been handed down to us, all have been shaped by race.”

No wonder parents and grandparents are organizing and fighting back against this rhetoric. This is divisive, discriminatory, and inhumane indoctrination. Plain and Simple!

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