USBE Coaches teachers to break the law in relicensure test.

A teacher navigating the renewal process reached out to the Smoke Signal this morning and disclosed USBE’s purposeful coaching of educators in how to break the law in Utah.  In all the assertions of proxy files for students, teachers refusing to abide by the law, etc., it is becoming clear — our state has teachers who know what they are doing is wrong and they break the law anyway. Too many bad actors are putting our kids at risk — turn them in. 

Teachers are trained up to three times a year in Utah Law. FERPA, UFERPA, mandatory reporting, and many more pieces of training are all on the table. Teachers are even trained on blood-borne pathogens, interestingly enough.


Teachers are trained at the beginning of the year, after the legislative session (when changes are disclosed), and at other times if they attend supplemental training or are renewing their license.    One such training can be found here:  This course is public.  Go check it out.  

One should understand and recognize the coaching “around the law” provided in the training.  There are many examples in the course. 

For example:  there is an item about student data.  The most profound issue with this question is that it asserts that it’s up to a teacher’s discretion to destroy “student data.”  An educator or administrator cannot eliminate a student’s grade or assessment score, etc. just because they “no longer need it.”  How absurd!  

Don’t let the system fool you. School systems and their agents are breaking the law and USBE is coaching lawless behavior. 

Check it out, become informed and hold them accountable.  

File with UPPAC when your educational agents step out of line and let us know so we can continue to expose the corruption in the system in Utah. 

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