Act Now to protect BeeHive Academy Students

Write the Beehive Board and -- decision makers

Jenna Hall was forced to leave Lehi’s Renaissance Academy after their investigation of videos that she posted on her TikTok (Libs of TikTok). She explained how she introduced her “queer” lifestyle to her class.

“A lot of them are queer because I’m queer,” says Hall. Admitting that her influence on them in the classroom has changed their behaivior to become gay. 
More about Jenna Hall is being revealed on a national level through news outlets like the Daily Wire. Parents need to stand together to fight for our kids. 
Jenna Hall is now a second grade teacher at Beehive Science & Technology in Sandy, Utah.
Contact the Board and Decision Makers below to assert your thoughts.  These actions violate appropriate teacher conduct standards, and this agenda doesn’t belong in schools. 

Email the members of the Board and Beehive Decision Makers

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