“Call To Action” — Mellisa Ballard Against Parents’ Rights

“Call To Action: This is likely THE WORST bill that will be run this year in Utah. This bill proposes to amend the Utah Constitution to take away our vote for State Board of Education. It literally takes away our vote! It makes it so the Governor appoints all the State Board of Education members.

Contact Rep. Melissa Ballard (R) at mballard@le.utah.gov and tell her to DROP THIS BILL! Taking away what little representation we have in public education is abominable. We must act swiftly to destroy this terrible idea this year and for decades to comehttps://le.utah.gov/~2022/bills/static/HJR001.html

Why would anyone want to take away our representation and our vote? Ask Spencer Cox. It’s his idea. He has always thought that he should have complete control over our education system. He has listed it in his priorities documents multiple times. It is one of the biggest reasons I told people not to vote for him.”

This resolution proposes to amend the Utah Constitution to: eliminate the requirement that State Board of Education members be elected; and require that State Board of Education members be appointed”

It has a strangely authoritarian, anti-democracy ring to it.”

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