Melissa Ballard — Call to Action Two


Rep Ballard’s response to our first Call to Action (see below) shows how dumb and forgetful she thinks We The People are. Please write her AGAIN and remind her of the following:

“Dear Rep. Ballard,

WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN you were the only Republican to VOTE AGAINST the resolution to protect Parental Rights’ in Education last legislative session. Now you expect us to believe that you want to empower parents by taking away our ability to elect our own educational representation on the State Board of Education?!

Your attempt to facilitate this egregious POWER-GRAB by Gov Cox is a slap in the face to the people of Utah and reprehensible to our representative form of government.

Pray tell, how is education without representation empowering to parents or other tax-payers? We are on to you and the governor.

When has consolidating power EVER empowered the people? NEVER.

Your failed attempt at damage control is akin to the NSBA issuing an apology after calling parents “domestic terrorists”. It’s a little too late. Your true colors have already been revealed in your vote against parental rights (HCR008) and in your current proposal to take away our vote by giving the Governor sole power to appoint State Board Members.

These moves of yours are anti-parent and anti-Representative government. They are duly noted and will be remembered by We the People during your run for re-election this year. Only a tyrant would attempt to deny the people’s right to elect their own representation. Only a tyrant would vote against supporting parental rights in their child’s education.”


Ballard’s proposal to amend the Utah Constitution in order to END elected State Board members and replace with Gov appointed members:

Resolution Preserving Parental Rights in Education (Ballard voted AGAINST):

Discussion and vote on House Floor over Parental (

Governor’s One Utah Roadmap includes his “equity” and “diversity” based education plan and his explicit goal to change to a governor-appointed Board.…/1ql9q5pNKYXDnlIcWk4wcIP…/view

Mellissa Ballard Votes against Parent’s rights.

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