UEA & NEA: Parents Accountable to Us, Even School “Choice” Parents


In 2013, MSNBC contributor Melissa Harris-Perry famously said, “We have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents.” This ideology, shared by the UEA & NEA, should serve as a warning to parents not to take government funding for school “choice” initiatives.

The UEA and NEA are completely consistent on two things:

1. undermine the family
2. assess EVERY child with Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) behavioral assessments, no matter where they learn.

The UEA and NEA believe that parents are accountable to THEM for what children learn in public schools—and in private schools and home school. This ideology was evidenced through the assessment and accountability measures they kept inserting into Utah’s stalled HB331 (publicly-funded school choice) Hope Scholarship bill. Those are the same measures that have already harmed the curriculum autonomy of many Utah charter schools.

This reality is the #1 reason why school “choice” bills don’t work over the long-term. Instead, they become a threat to family autonomy. The NEA and UEA will control all publicly-funded “choice” through SEL-based assessments and track student’s behavioral compliance through Big Data.

The History of Common Core National Standards & SEL Assessments Tells the NEA’s Tale

In today’s education debates, people tend to want sound-bytes instead of taking a deep dive into the NEA’s role behind Common Core national standards and how those standards have led to a national curriculum and to a nationalized, SEL-based (behavioral) assessment system. The past 14 years of Ed Reform are the reason we now have Critical Race Theory (CRT) in Utah schools. It was planned. It’s not rogue teachers.

Our education system has been transformed from an academic, merit-based system to a system that holds teachers, students and families accountable to government-approved behaviors.

Here is a 2013 video of Common Core architect (and College Board President) David Coleman talking about working with the NEA to build national standards around what can be assessed. Coleman is talking about Common Core reforms shifting K-20 into computer-adaptive assessments—assessments that can track your child’s values, attitudes and behaviors over their lifetime. Listen to the first 7 minutes. Coleman talks about working with the NEA and how one of his collaborators went from the NEA to Smarter Balanced Assessments Consortium. (Also, pay attention to the fact that they refused to create math and English standards unless all other curriculum standards were included in the process—they wanted them all correlated to English. This is the reason that Utah parents now see radical, politicized curriculum popping up in their child’s English class).


Why is the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium Important to the NEA?

The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) = Total transformation of the US approach to assessment. Because the US has always been opposed to a national curriculum, SBAC was used as a model to move states into interoperable assessments that would lead to a national curriculum (most assessments are hidden behind online curriculum).

The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium is chiefly advised by Stanford professor Linda Darling-Hammond. Darling-Hammond is the Marxist ideologue appointed by California Governor Newsom to run the California School Board. She is a chief advisor to CASEL (Collaborative for Social & Emotional Learning) where SEL is “transforming” teaching around Marxist ideology. She served as one of the Obama administration’s chief advisors to the Common Core-enshrining 2015 Every Student Succeeds Act and advised President Biden during his transition. The Obama administration used the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium to shift ALL of the major assessment companies into SEL-based behavioral assessment and the companies did it because they wanted to make their money off behavioral data, just like Google.

If Utahns heard about David Coleman’s buddy Linda Darling-Hammond as much as they hear about Ibram X. Kendi, they would realize that she has almost single-handedly used assessment systems to reshape the purpose of education in America around Marxism. The NEA/UEA gig has always been about holding ALL families accountable—and, they do this today, through SEL-based behavioral assessments. 

David Coleman, the NEA and School Choice?

Guess who wrote an article in 2013 championing NEA-loving, Common Core-writing, assessment-transforming David Coleman in TIME Magazine? Good old Jeb Bush: who runs the leading nonprofit for school choice and expertly markets all the appealing ways we keep hearing about to fund school choice initiatives.

Here’s the article:

It’s not rocket science people. These profiteers make their money off of Common Core national standards, an SEL-based behavioral assessment system, and Big Data (tied to Common Education Data Standards or CEDS). This is the Great Reset in education.

Parents should do EVERYTHING humanly possible to preserve their children’s autonomy from NEA-supported behavioral assessments. The best way to do that is to steer clear of state or federally funded private and home school “choice” initiatives.


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