Q: Do Senators and Representatives listen to the Voice of the people? A: See for yourself

The voice of the people has been clear and loud this session.  From the support for liberty as people came in droves to support HB 60 to the voices of people who showed up to rid our schools of explicit and violent pornography with HB374.  It was heard in loud opposition to the HOPE scholarship and CRT in our schools.  There were several issues on which the people spoke clearly. 

  • Is anyone listening?
  • Is anyone reading?
UtahEd.Info has data!
You may recall:  UtahEd.Info went down not once, but twice during this legislative session because our CTAs were so successful.  On 2/25/2022, WE THE PEOPLE spoke boldly to the legislature with over 50,000 emails!  Following this great success, UtahEd.Info came offline for almost 24 hours while we upgraded servers and expanded our potential.  Our new servers offer unique and INDIVIDUALIZED data (see image below) on how our elected representatives and senators interact with THE PEOPLE’s individual messages to their elected officials. 
Let’s start on the left of the image below:  

In orange are the total number of:

  • unique sender names, and
  • unique messages, and,
  • individually CAPTCHA-checked and server filtered (i.e. NO CHANCE OF BEING SPAM

emails (meeting all three criteria) sent to our elected representatives during from February 27-March 1.   

As one moves right to the green, it is easy to see: YOUR VOICE IS GETTING THROUGH!  

Many know this because their legislator responds DIRECTLY to the person who wrote the email and they dialoge directly with the sender.  Snazzy!

Yet, look cautiously at the “requests” (or number sent), orange vs. green, the number delivered.  Check the number of “invalid” emails.  ZERO.

What do you believe this data has to tell us?

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