It seems Ms. Ballard cannot help herself. She just keeps writing — and expressing untruths and her lack of understanding of what is going on around her.

Let us respond en masse ( and send her the following:

“Rep. Ballard,

Empty words that have nothing to do with the matter at hand do not detract us from your failures regarding the rights of parents as defined in the United States and Utah constitutions.

Lisonbee’s resolution was just that, a resolution affirming state code. It changed nothing, but you voted AGAINST parent rights. Clearly, you are incapable of putting your money where your mouth is.

Parents are the PRIMARY educators of their children. This is codified. As a representative, it is your job to SECURE parent rights and not LIMIT them with certain “pathways and opportunities.”

Your “Changes in Educational Governance” bill will be nothing more than an attack on parents that builds the beast of public education. Please, keep it to yourself. We don’t need the government to box us into pathways and opportunities. We don’t outsource such things to the government.

I don’t “believe what I want,” I believe what I see. I see you engaging in behaviours supporting the oppression of parents, eliminating elected representation, and putting forth legislation bringing on communism and tyranny.

At the time of sending this communication, I don’t see your proposal to eliminate my right to vote for my representative removed. Withdraw it immediately!

Thanks, Ms. Ballard, for showing your true colors. It helps us remember for whom we should NEVER vote.

Sincerely, “

Ballard’s proposal to amend the Utah Constitution to END elected State Board members and replace them with Gov appointed members:

Resolution Preserving Parental Rights in Education (Ballard voted AGAINST):

Discussion and Vote on House Floor over Parental (

Governor’s One Utah Roadmap includes his “equity” and “diversity” based education plan and his explicit goal to change to a governor-appointed Board.…/1ql9q5pNKYXDnlIcWk4wcIP…/view

First CTA:

Second CTA:

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