Don’t Lie!

Salt Lake County Parents — it is unethical and DISHONEST to manifest some hyperbolic medical condition for your child and send in a form. Don’t do that.

Another DON’T: DON’T USE THE DISTRICT FORMS. 😡. Write your own note and be done. Refuse to allow them to bully you or your child. 😀

You can claim a medical for any reason and not have to defend it as a parent, but BE HONEST. Even if your medical condition is adolescent acne. That would be honest. If your medical claim is legit and accurate, outstanding; if not, CITE THE FIRST AMENDMENT TO THE U.S. Consitution 🇺🇸 and send your child to school. Need a first amendment statement, simple… Check the comments. Copy/Paste and Teach your kid to say it and send.

Lastly, don’t cite Governor Cox as your mental health care provider. That would be a stupid move. Be HONEST. Be BOLD. Hold the line.

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