CALL TO ACTION — Education and Mental Health

Wednesday, January 12, 2022 3:00pm

Attend ONLINE or in person, whatever works for you best, but eyes are needed on the EDUCATION and Mental Health Council meeting at the Legislature today.

They are discussing initiatives that will further destroy the boundaries between who is in charge of your kids’ mental health. Overseeing our children’s psychological needs is NOT the schools’ job, it is our job as parents. Schools already are trying to juggle too much, and are dropping the ball on academics already — don’t let them fool you that they can solve the mental distress that they have played a key part in creating in our children.

Some of their priority items include:

👉 Early childhood mental health screeners
👉 Full-day kindergarten
👉 Early childhood mental health public education campaign
👉Return on investment for early childhood mental health
👉Incentives to attract and retain early childhood workforce
👉Integration of physical and behavioral health for childrenS

Link to the committee page, which should have the link to join at 3:00pm:…

Instructions to join or comment in the images.Link to the documents for the meeting:

Please share your insights with us if you able to attend. Private message or post here. Thanks!

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