Hope Scholarship funding and its potential impact on private school curriculum and operations


From concerned parents regarding HB331: 

So, let’s get this straight. While the Gates-Zuckerberg funded ExcelinEd works with Superintendent Syd Dickson to remake our public schools around CRT-based Social Emotional Learning competencies (as opposed to state academic standards), the Hope Scholarship’s national sponsor is also ExcelinEd.   

Something is more than fishy here. This is reason enough to tell your Rep and Senator to VOTE NO on HB331. 

If that is not enough for you, read on!

ExcelInEd is transforming public education and working with Sydnee Dickson to hold us all accountable to CRT/SEL… all the while promoting the #noHope movement (aka “School Choice”).  How does this even make sense?  

It doesn’t.  

Clearly, the promoters of this bill are severely compromised and offer one more reason for you to tell your Rep and Senator to VOTE NO on HB331. 

As with everything, the devil is in the details.  There are MANY reasons to SAY NO to the #noHope legislation.


Important Questions to Ask


They would be forced to negotiate or abandon their creed — see line 560 and 628.

They would be forced to change their operating practices and procedures — yes… see the bill language and USBE’s plenary powers.

They fall under the penary powers of USBE’s control and supervision.  Enough said. 

The list goes on. 

Clearly, ExcelInEd had influence over the name of the scholarship.

ExcelInEd created propaganda for missionaries of the #noHope scholarship.
The language of the bill is errily similar to similar bills ExcelInEd championed in other states. 

ExcelInEd has influenced these processes.  It is plausible they have an SGO waiting in the wings.

Their mission is to hold private and homeschools hostage to these ideals.

NO. Federal strings come with compliance to federal antidiscrimination law and with laws regarding nonprofits.
Federal strings also come through USBE.

No, check the Utah Constituion.  USBE has PLENARY powers in this arena. 

“At ExcelinEd’s 2021 National Summit on Education, I talked with leaders of three states that pioneered work around competency-based learning before the pandemic and are leading the charge to *redesign education* for the future. The panel discussion I moderated, Learning from Disruptions: How States Can Reimagine Learning and Embrace Innovation, featured Superintendent Sydnee Dickson of the Utah State Board of Education”...

“The state’s early work on competency-based learning served as the launch pad for the core effort that is driving the state’s vision for the future of education: Utah’s Portrait of a Graduate. Authorized by the legislature in 2019, the work became the state’s educational “lighthouse during the pandemic,” she said. Educators enthusiastically developed competencies relating to the 13 characteristics of a high-school graduate, including academic mastery, digital literacy, integrity and responsibility.”

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