SAY NO to Coerced speech in Farmington
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By putting plaques on their doors it is telling kids that men can be women and vice versa. It’s normalizing the idea that you can change your gender. It’s slowly normalizing that “reality.” What parents need to ask themselves, do they want this to be normalized for their child? If not, they better do something before it’s too late. Last year DSD made this public statement on rainbow flags, ““We’ve had a policy like this for a long time. We’re basically following a state law that says we have to do everything we can to keep our classrooms as politically neutral as possible,” said Davis County spokesman Chris Williams, and said they’ve had this policy for a number of years.” We need to voice our desire to continue to keep our schools neutral, and for a lot of kids, people supporting pronouns that further divide and define others are taking a “political” stance….DSD should NOT allow any employees to signal their beliefs on whether there is more than 2 genders. They will claim it’s to make kids feel safe, well my kids who know there are only 2 genders and know that we shouldn’t be dividing children even more by labels, find that offensive and NOT a safe environment! Our public schools must do everything they can to stay neutral and stick to teaching an promoting academics.

Make it clear in your communications, that pronoun signs have no place in schools. 

Email the members of the Board and Farmington Decision Makers

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