Say No to HB11

HB11 has sparked much controversy this legislative session.  After much contemplation and research.  The position is to VOTE NO for the following reasons:

Many say that we have to pass HB11 in order to protect women’s sports. It is a short-sighted approach that will actually open the door to legalizing biological males playing on female teams. Once a bill like this is passed a precedent is set and there will be no going back to female-only sports.

The Senate Pres. gets to appoint the members of the commission – so-called “experts” who will decide the baseline measurements that will determine what boys will qualify to play on the girl’s team. Right now we have a somewhat conservative Senate Presidentthat wants to protect girls sports, but what happens when we get a Senate president who doesn’t and who appoints activist “experts” who folllow the so-called “science” and change the baseline measurement allowing bigger and stronger males to qualify? What then?

To protect girls sports in the long term we must not open this door. We must pass a ban and fight it in the courts if necessary.
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