Say YES to HB60 :: NO Vaccine Passports

UTAH TEACHER STORY:  “I get to work, and the 5th graders are in the hall preparing to go to the symphony. The Assistant Principal is out in the hall way saying, “show me your “COOL CARD.””   The “cool card” was the vaccine passport required to participate in a SCHOOL activity that took place in downtown SLC.  Students who didn’t have a “cool card” were detained on-site and provided with alternate school work for the day. HINT:  It wasn’t making music or watching the symphony.” 

Use this form to tell your legislator how you feel about HB60, SUB 7

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YES on HB60 S7 — “We are thankful for all your hard work Rep Brooks has completed on HB60. We are okay with the protections offered by HB60 Substitute 7. It is a huge step in the right direction. Please get the bill over to the senate for a vote! Thank you!” 

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