2022 General Session
Legislative Commentary

Say YES to SB114

This video is being approved as part of the new health curriculum for Granite School District. I am sure there is another (better) way to teach kids about STIs. It

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"School Choice"
Freedom Fighter

10 Reasons to Say NO to HB331

It comes under the general supervision and control of the Utah State Board of Education. See Lines 18, 298, 301, 303, 314, 316, 318, 324, 329, 339, 341, 347, 372,

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"School Choice"

About UtahEd.info

This site is a news, analysis and commentary site on all things important in Utah Education. Many collaborators come together to put information in one place for parents, students, legislators

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Utah Smoke Signal


OPT-OUT OF RISE — Today. Want more information on how to opt-out of Utah’s RISE test? Here is the link! Read this article, either before or after you opt-out! A

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